HTC Touch Diamond 2 – Gem in Mobile Technology

HTC Touch Diamond 2 – Gem in Mobile Technology

The latest release into the market of touch screen smart phones from HTC mobile phones is the HTC Touch Diamond 2, this sleek pocket phone is filled with all the latest features and gadgets which make it, not only a great phone, but a mobile multimedia center and PC as well. Although it only weighs 4.15 ounces, the HTC Touch Diamond 2 is filled with memory, features and tools which allow it to serve many purposes.

The touch screen is very wide at 3.2 inches with a high resolution screen of 480×800 pixels and shows displays in clear, sharp quality. The toolbar is touch sensitive which allows for easy navigation through the menus and applications of the phone. As with any phone that comes out in the modern market, the HTC Touch Diamond 2 is fully WIFI and internet ready with Internet Explorer as its programmed browser. With the added benefit of ‘push internet’ technology the experience of lag and waiting ages for downloading web pages is abolished and the accessibility of all online information is fast and easy with this new phone. The WIFI connectivity allows for the GPS tracking software, which is included in the phone, is accessible and accurate while mapping routes, retrieving information about locations and can even be used as a workable in car navigation system. The media centre is extensive with a 5.0 mega pixel camera with video capabilities, MP3 player and downloadable games; this is not just a phone but an entire activity centre.

The phone has stereo FM radio and an FM tuner so that radio can be picked up wherever you may be; the multimedia centre is very similar to that of Windows Media Centre on the PC, with a friendly interface and usable menus. The touch screen and resolution allow games to be played with high graphic quality and excellent motion, the phone is also designed to be used in any motion based games that are available. The built in memory is extensive with 288mb installed RAM and 512mb installed ROM, the memory can be easily increased with the use of memory cards which can be used in the slot provided on the phone.

As with all HTC mobile phones, the HTC Touch Diamond has a long life 110 Mah rechargeable battery which has a standby time of around 360 hours and a talk time of about 5 hours on 3G. In conclusion, the HTC Touch Diamond 2 is a very user friendly phone with a high range of multimedia and features and computer applications which make it a great entertainment centre, mobile PC and communication tool, a perfect all rounder.

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