Hit Girl’s “Ninja” Internet Marketing Secret

Hit Girl’s “Ninja” Internet Marketing Secret

After watching the recently released movie “Kick Ass” for a second time, I noticed a glaring Internet marketing secret almost anyone can use. It is a real doozy, too. Check this out:

Towards the end of the movie, there’s a scene where the character Hit Girl (the 11-year old ninja girl who steals the show) wants to infiltrate the mob’s headquarters. It’s late and the henchmen are expecting an assault from the mysterious person who killed several of their number earlier.

In other words, they’re on guard. With weapons out and building “locked” down. So what does she do? Show up in her super hero costume guns blazing? Not quite. Instead, she has her plain “civilian” clothes on, taps on the building’s glass door, pretends she’s lost and asks to use the phone.

Who can say no to that?

So they let her in and, well… it’s not pretty from there.

Anyway, here’s the point:

What Hit Girl did is EXACTLY what smart Internet marketers do. No… I’m not talking about tricking anyone… but slipping in past your prospects’ natural “sales defenses.”

We ALL have them, too. Even prospects looking to be sold are on guard. They have to be (for survival purposes).

Chances are they’ve recently been lied to, conned or bamboozled by someone they trust – including their bankers, bosses, investment advisors, government, and so on.

So those sales defenses are on FULL power. And you know what?

The best way to slip past those defenses is doing the opposite of what they’re expecting (i.e. NOT going in “guns blazing”) and instead… hear them out. Show them respect in your ads. Qualify them in your marketing. (They may NOT even need your product, right?) And show them you genuinely care.

Hey, maybe it’s not the guru way.

But it works like nobody’s business.

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