What Is the Windows Phone Operating System?

What Is the Windows Phone Operating System?

A new and strong rival arises from ages of tests and improvements to stand straight in front of the well-known Android OS.

This operating system that has all the chances to monopolize the smartphone market is made by the Microsoft Company.

Before describing what is possibly the best portable OS of the moment people should know its history and the experience of Microsoft in this domain.

Microsoft has been trying to find the perfect operating system for mobile devices from 1995 when they have conceived a new operating system based on the Windows CE OS that would have been used on the first ever designed “Pad” device. The 1995 pad was never released to public though due to the high costs of the touch-screen systems.

The first mobile OS was the Pocket PC 2000 and it was used on some touch-screen PDAs (Personal Data Assistant). It was based on the Windows 98 and ME desktop operating systems. The best idea that the company had for this mobile OS was letting third-parties develop applications compatible with the devices. Having this capability meant that for any requirement in the applications domain was answered quickly by the developers and every user had access to all the applications they ever needed.

The virtual space where the users could have found these applications was the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

These devices usually came with a small tool named stylus because the touch-screen technology that they have used was resistive, meaning that the input was made by putting pressure on the screen and it lacked precission. With time this problem was also solved like many others because the capacitive touch-screen technology has replaced the old one. This one was more precise and it simply required a touch on the screen, applying no pressure at all.

The OS had also quickly changed because Microsoft was always trying to improve its services just like any respectful company should do.

The next one was the Pocket PC 2002 that brought along with its apparition the term “smart phone”. The relation between the OS and the smartphone history is the fact that this OS was the designed to work on QVGA 240×320 display with GSM networking.

This version was designed to look like a mobile version of the windows XP and it also had applications like MSN Live Messenger and Windows Media Player 8 that supported the media streaming services.

The Office tools also had improvements and they were compatible with other non-Windows devices.

After a few more intermediate versions of the Windows Mobile the Windows Phone has appeared ready to revolutionise everything that the users knew about the portable OS of a smartphone device.

The first Windows Phone OS that appeared was the Windows Phone OS 7.

The structure or interface of this new OS is something completely revolutionizing because it manages to offer the on-the-phone data combined with live, active icons that upgrades constantly from the internet. This means that all the help that a user could need can be provided easier and faster than ever, faster than any other OS known, even the Android.

The whole concept of this OS was to simplify every chord and reduce the time to perform every task.

The new interface is so easy to use and logical that any category of users can use it with no complications at all. The Microsoft Company has conceived it in such a manner that this OS will become the best help you could ever get from a smartphone and they surely managed to reach their goal.

The only OS that could defeat this Windows Phone 7 would be the improved Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 versions.

A possible client for simply can’t make a better choice than a Windows Phone OS device as their new helping smartphone.

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