Supercharge Your Internet Marketing Response By Adding These Few Simple Words To Your Website

If you would like to know an almost laughably simple way to significantly enhance the selling power of your Internet marketing promotions, then this article will show you how.

Check this out:

One of the best ways to supercharge your online sales letters is to supplement them with audio. I have been doing this for years and the results have been absolutely phenomenal.

However, one of the reasons for the high response rates my audio brings in has less to do with how clear my voice is or how high tech the equipment I use is (it’s not high tech at all, actually) and has more to do with a few special “extras” I add to the audio.

And one of those extras is I simply say, “Here’s what you’re going to hear on this recording” before saying anything else.

Why do I do this, and why does this make a huge impact on my response?

It’s actually pretty simple:

It helps listeners assimilate and remember the information they are about to hear.

Reason why is because when you tell people what it is they’re going to learn in the intro, it immediately starts them out with an end in mind and a potential result in mind.

It’s sort of like someone looking at the table of contents in a book before reading it. Ask any speed reading expert and they will tell you how looking at the table of contents of a book makes people assimilate information faster.

And it’s the same idea with your audio promotions.

I know it sounds almost too simple, but it absolutely works.

Just say, “hi my name is Bob Jones, and in this recording you are going to learn X,Y, and Z”…and you will find your response levels are much higher than if you just have it start without any pretext about what it is you are going to be saying.

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