San Antonio Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

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Contradictory concepts are something that the digital marketing trends in this day and age mainly revolve around, including general humanization, addressing issues, and tailoring content to suit one’s individual for more personal engagement while enjoying the pros of having a professional digital marketing team. Here are some of the hottest San Antonio digital marketing trends in 2021. If you are looking for professional digital marketing in San Antonio? click this map

Get To know The Digital Marketing Trends in San Antonio

  1. Local SEO

You have to continuously update the appearance of your business in local results because Google would frequently update their local SEO algorithm. People searching for a more specific type of business with their geographic location have more intent to purchase, so in a way, local SEO is even more powerful than broad SEO. 

  1. Inclusivity

It is very important to show the significance of inclusivity with one look at the front-page headlines in our current time-and-place in history. Almost everybody in today’s day and age, especially the younger audiences and the marginalized groups, wants to see a more optimistic depiction of equality in the content that they consume and the brands that they purchase from. Seeing the same homogeneous content that they have been accustomed to from previous decades is something they do not want to see.

Subject mattress and representation for people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, a variety of races, sexualities, and religions is something digital marketing includes in the media in today’s generation. The cultural shift has already affected purchasing behavior, with about 41 percent of the shoppers shifting their business away from a retailer that does not reflect how important diversity and identity is to them, according to Accenture.

  1. Ad-blocker blockers

Overcoming ad blockers is something that a company has to overcome as well because many marketers are having their primary stream of traffic that could automatically cut off at the source. 27 percent of internet users are expected to use ad blockers. 

This is a big problem for you so you would want to check how big of a problem it is by checking your ad data and analytics because it should tell you everything that you are going to need to know.

  1. Oldies but goodies
  • Gen Z Marketing
    • You have to understand the best practices for marketing to Gen Z if you want to infiltrate this young market.
  • Micro-influencers
    • Micro-Influencers are more like average people who have larger-than-average social media followers so you can achieve the same numbers as top-level influencers at a fraction of the cost and effort.
  • Voice Search SEO
    • Voice searches have been upending traditional SEO tactics since voice assistants first hit the market a few years ago. You could try altering your SEO strategy to incorporate speech keywords since people do not use the same keywords when they talk as when they type.
  • Shoppable Posts
    • Streamlining the payment process could help you increase conversions by creating social media posts that are directly connected to the users and increasing product checkout.
  1. Interactive Content

Interactive content improves the user’s enjoyment and promotes more engagement, which is why it is not being recognized as one of the best practices for digital marketing. Content like open-ended questions, contests, quizzes, calculator widgets, giveaways, and polls can do wonders for your website and your brand as a whole. People are going to want to be engaged if you have interactive content and help your standing in algorithm-based searches and feeds because of the increase of the length of time the users would engage with you.

  1. Image and video SEO for visual searches

You can submit existing images for search, and take original photos and search for context, alongside searching for images and videos by typing in keywords.  You would want to make sure that your images and your videos are in tip-top shape to capitalize on the increased amount of visual searches.

  • Use top-quality images and videos, including HD
  • Always include alt text in your image description
  • Include your target SEO keywords in the file name of your image
  • Add images to your sitemap or create a dedicated image site camp
  1. Features snippets and no-click searches

The goal of SEO has been to get your listing in the number one spot of search results for many, many years, but now the goal is shifting more to SEO visibility in “position zero.” Position zero is Google’s featured snippet that would separate a small box and it would be located at the top. This would display extra, relevant information to answer the user’s question without them needing to click on it.

  1. Sustainability: loud and proud

People in our generation are passionate about environmentalism and they want to make sure that the brands that are receiving their money are just as concerned for the planet as they are. We are seeing a popularity boost for sustainable and eco-friendly brands with over 81 percent of consumers that feel like companies should help improve the environment.

  1. Customer segmentation

The idea of customer segmentation is that it is better to have a large number of small marketing campaigns targeting specific audiences instead of a small number of large marketing campaigns targeting general audiences. This means grouping your target audiences by their certain traits and behaviors, allowing you to have more accurate content that is tailored to suit their preferences.

With all of these marketing trends that are effective this year, you could take these trends to heart and consider them when you are outlining your own marketing strategy for the new year. Keep updating your strategy and keep up with the new trends to stay on top of the search results.

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