Review of Evidence Eliminator

The Evidence Eliminator is somewhat of a complex program but once you get used to it, it becomes easy. There is no problem running the program and you can set it according to your needs. You can also scan the programs that you run frequently, but you have to be extra careful. If you are not very computer savvy, then read the instructions carefully. Though some people consider the installation process of this product a bit difficult, it is still the most advanced application that you will get at the marketplace these days.

Ease of Installation:

Evidence Eliminator can be installed sans hassles in case you follow the installation instructions carefully. Your first scan can be scheduled within minutes of the installation. Though at the beginning you might find it difficult to work your way around, it will soon become easy when you see how the default setting makes it convenient to help you understand the functioning of this program. This program is actually more advanced than other similar products. Evidence Eliminator comes in an easy downloadable version and is available as soon as you pay via your credit card.

Privacy effectiveness

The effectiveness of this program is very strong. As soon as this tool is installed, it finds the most frequent activity on your computer, which is usually the Internet activity. It works with Internet explorer 4 and above. Even AOL users can use this program with their browsers. Another thing to remember is to be extra careful while using this product or else, you can accidentally remove all the folders that you have create in Outlook Express. There is a safety check if you are a beginner using the Evidence Eliminator. This product claims to have a magnetic resonance, used to evade the detection of files by law enforcement agencies when the latter conducts some investigation.


The product has more variety than any other similar programs in the market. This program also has tabbed window system, window style appearance and other various features that make it easy to use. Each tab has an additional tab, using which you customize the program.

Help Support

The documentation of Evidence Eliminator is outstanding – to say the least. It enables you to teach yourself the entire procedure step by step.

This Evidence Eliminator Review reveals that this product comes with a lot of variety and tools that you can use to scan your computer for any unwanted data. The feature and functions of this software definitely makes it worth every dime of your money. If you wish to have updated news about the software, then you should subscribe to the mailing list found on the company website. There is a statement of assurance that no spam will result from the subscription that you will make. So, what are you waiting for? Start using Evidence Eliminator today and you will surely not regret making your choice in favor of this quality product.

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