Make Internet Marketing Easy, Fun And Profitable – By Playing Poker Every Week

Make Internet Marketing Easy, Fun And Profitable – By Playing Poker Every Week

If you want to get some really good ideas for your Internet marketing ads and products, then this article will reveal a very sneaky (yet effective) way used by one of the world’s most prolific marketers.

Listen to this:

Perhaps one of the most well-known and respected marketers in the world is a guy named Jay Conrad Levinson. And not long ago I had a chance to interview Jay about the way he markets and makes money.

When we got around to talking about getting ideas for creating products, he told me how every week he plays poker.

He’s been playing poker for 18 years with this group of people he knows, and every time they play they not only want to take his money, but they want to give him ideas, too.

You see, if you can get out amongst the market you are selling to in a social situation — like poker — then you are going to learn far more about what they want and are willing to spend money on than you will by taking surveys or asking them via email.


Because when people are loose and having fun, with their inhibitions gone, they are open to talking and telling you things. People want to be heard. They want their opinion to count.

And if you get around people you sell to in an environment where everyone is at ease, not feeling like they are being “sold” something, they will tell you everything you need to know about your market’s true desires.

The late, great copywriter Eugene Schwartz used to do things like this, too.

He would go to parties and talk to cab drivers and just get people talking, taking mental note of what really motivates and excites people. What their hot buttons are. What they want and don’t want.

And as a result…he sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products. He knew what people wanted to buy, created those products and sold them.

And all because he wasn’t afraid to mix it up with the people he was selling to and get to know them and the things they want on a personal level.

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