Choosing the right screwdriver set for your business

Choosing the right screwdriver set for your business

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When choosing the right screwdriver set for a business, it is important to take into consideration the reality that the best fit for the business may not necessarily be the same as the best for you or other individual workers. 

The first thing you need to decide is how the screwdriver set is actually going to be used. This will dictate the type and length of screwdrivers that need to be included in any set you intend to purchase.

Under most circumstances the best bet is to buy a set that includes screwdrivers with a variety of functions and sizes. There are some screwdriver sets that feature drivers that have interchangeable or replaceable bits, which make the units included even more versatile. 

Automotive screwdrivers

Mechanics and other people who work on motor vehicles often require extremely long screwdrivers so they can get to the screws that are mounted deep inside the engine compartment. In these instances the most appropriate purchase would be an automotive screwdriver set

These sets are likely to come with an exceptionally long Phillips-head screwdriver. The longer drivers can reach the screws in the engine compartment, while the shorter drivers are used to get to screws that are situated in very tight spots, which there are a lot of in engine compartments. 

Flathead screwdrivers can be used in auto repairs, though this is less common than with head-head drivers, and are not necessarily always included within automotive screwdriver sets. 

Driver handles

Another important consideration when choosing the right screwdriver set for your business is the handles of the drivers. There are wooden handles, plastic handles, rubber handles and even metal handles. 

Electricians usually prefer screwdriver sets that come with plastic or rubber handles as they insulate shocks in the event that electricity ever courses through the driver. 

It is of course essential that the handles are very durable, as screwdrivers with broken handles will be very difficult to use in an effective manner if not completely useless. If any driver part breaks it is important to make sure upon purchase that the screwdriver set comes with an extended or lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. 

A torx driver may also be included in some screwdriver sets. This star-shaped driver is specifically designed to be used with torx bolts and screws and if those types of bolts are likely to be encountered in your business then it will be vital to make sure torx drivers are included in your chosen screwdriver set. 

In some instances this driver, as well as some others in the set, may come with a ratcheting function that allows for the driver bit to always be kept on the screw or bolt, preventing them from failing and making the screwing process a lot faster. 

Professionals need to be strict in choosing the right screwdriver for their business so that the screwdrivers they choose not only get the job done in an accurate manner but remain in their tool boxes forever.