Buying a prebuilt gaming PC vs building your PC

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For many people, the cost is a very important factor for every item they want to buy. They understand the value of money or they consider how much work they put in before making every cent to ensure that they always look out for the cheapest way of buying any item they want to buy. The same applies to whenever they want to buy a computer for gaming or other purposes. They love to consider all the options at their disposal and then going for the best one, in their opinion. The best one in their opinion will always be limited to how much knowledge they are exposed to based on how many options they feel they have. It would often be a compromise between price and quality. When it comes to buying a gaming PC, apart from several options a person can choose from including specifications, where to buy and brand, there is also the option of buying a prebuilt gaming PC or building your gaming PC.

Buying a prebuilt PC entails buying a PC that is already assembled and in a functional state. In most cases, the assembling will have been done by a brand and depending on the policies of the brand, they would have put a price on the product. You could buy such branded gaming PC from Razer gaming. Hence, when you buy the product, you only need to connect the external components and you will be able to start using the computer.

People interested in buying a gaming PC can also opt for buying the parts on their own and assembling it. The implication is that they would have to buy the different components of the computer such as the motherboard, hard disk, RAM, CD drive, and casing separately, and then couple it together on their own. This will require some technical skills or someone with such skills could be consulted or contracted to assemble the computer. It is possible to order AMD on Alixpress as well as other components that you will need to build your gaming PC.

Generally, buying and building a gaming PC on your own could be preferred. Here are some of the major reasons why you should consider building your gaming PC.

When you buy the different components needed to build a computer and build it by yourself, it is often cheaper. In most cases, when brands sell gaming PCs, they would have incurred a lot of expenses including office rent, office maintenance, and payment of computer engineers among others. They will also need to make a profit. The implication is that their prices will be substantially higher. In some cases, the fact that is a popular or premium brand will have you paying up to 5 times the amount of buying the components of that particular computer. However, when you buy the components to build on your own, you would get them at a cheaper price that will significantly reduce the final cost of getting your gaming PC.

Even though every brand has different types of their computers with different specifications, it might still be difficult getting the exact specification that you are interested in. You will be forced to go for the specifications closest to what you have or upgrade the one you get to your taste by buying the needed components. When you build your computer, you can choose each component with the exact specifications that you want. With that, by the time you have finished assembling your computer, you will have the exact specification that you wanted. This would make the expense of buying the computer to be worth it for you and you will be more satisfied with your final product.

Outward look
One of the things that attract us to things we buy apart from quality and features is the outward look. The average person will prefer a sleek car compared to a plain-looking car. The same applies to a lot of other products including computers. If there are people who appreciate beautiful and nicely designed products, it should be gamers. When you buy a prebuilt PC, you will have to choose from the designs available. In some cases, the design you love most might not be available for the specs you are interested in. If you build your gaming PC, you will be able to shop for a gaming PC casing that will just look the way you want your dream gaming PC to look like. You also won’t be stuck with the computer’s mouse and keyboard as you can buy the exact design of a gaming mouse that you want.

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