5 Ways to Improve Your Swedish SEO

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The popularization of internet marketing in Sweden has made it easier to get traffic and find customers.

In this article, I shall share all the tips you need to improve your SEO in Sweden. Let’s have a look;

  1. Get customers to review your products 

If there’s one thing that is transforming digital marketing, is customer reviews. 

Trust me if people are not aware of how your products or services are performing, chances are they’re not going to buy from you. 90% of people read reviews before buying any product.

Now, what is the tie between SEO and customer reviews? If people are engaging with your products through reviews from authoritative websites, the search engines will pick this up and pop it up on a search result. 

You will even up your SEO game by having customers review your products from localized review websites. For instance, in Sweden, we have Omdömesställe that gives honest feedback from Swedish citizens on companies within the country.

On this website, you will find an array of reviews from all sorts of companies even with those operations within Sweden and outside the country like Svea Ekonomi.

If you want to improve your SEO in Sweden get people especially from Sweden to review your products or services.

  1. Optimize your business profile 

Take a scenario of two companies operating within Sweden; one of the companies has a fully optimized business profile on search engines like Google and the other has little to no information about the sorts of services they offer. which is going to be recommended?

He’s a shortcut to optimizing your business through business listings;

  • Name address and phone number 
  • Business niche
  • Geographical of operation 
  • Operating hours

A fully optimized local business profile is important especially for local businesses that cannot have their operations online but still want to market themselves online. For instance nail and salon beauty parlor.

  1. Boost your ranking through on-page SEO 

On-page SEO factors help better your rankings in a search engine. They are everything that appears on a web page. These factors are;

  • Keyword analysis

The right keywords needed for SEO in Sweden are specific to the geography, for instance, using words like Stockholm or any other words that are regularly used by people in the country. 

The search engines can pick these keywords faster and give your website a higher ranking. 

  • Strategic backlinks

Backlinks in a is another key concept in search engine optimization and to get the best out of backlinking in Sweden you will have to get backlinks from other similar contents to us from Swedish websites.

  • Content optimization

The fastest way to gain traffic is through content. Content can be in the form of blog articles or anything related to your website or the services in general.

Internal linking within your website using the right meta tags, title and subtitles, language translations and everything that falls within the domain of the content will help your website to rank higher. 

You’ll find a lot of information on how to optimize content for your website online.

  • Having local landing pages

Local landing pages are an SEO strategy that enables a website to get more traffic from a certain geographical location.

They include the address location and also local keywords.  

  1. Use a country-code top-level domain to improve geographical search

There are different types of domains; generic top-level domains sponsored top-level domains and country-code top-level domains.

Some people may say that top-level domains do not affect search engine optimization which to some extent is true but in general, a country code top-level domain does have an impact on SEO

Top-level domains are useful for geo-targeting. If your operations are in Sweden it is better off that you get a “.se” TTD. 

People and more trusting of domains that are from their country rather than generic ones.

  1. Create Swedish-related content  

If you want your website to rank higher on search results, then you will have to create content that more swedes will relate to.

This will help increase organic traffic to your website making it easier for your website to be ranked. With higher organic traffic chances are they may convert to potential customers. 

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