5 Local SEO Tips to Improve Your Online Marketing

5 Local SEO Tips to Improve Your Online Marketing

If your online marketing efforts are geared towards local business and driving targeted traffic from neighboring cities then local SEO is what you need to focus on. Local search engine optimization is the best form of online marketing for small business owners; it is quicker than nationwide SEO, less complicated and more useful for drawing local business. Below are 5 SEO tips that will help your company’s web presence and dominate the local search engine listings for the best strategic growth.

Complete your whole profile – when taking the time to list your business information to local web directories, search engines and business listings do not skimp out on the pictures and videos. As the saying goes, pictures say a thousand words. Interior and exterior pictures of your business help the consumer feel more comfortable about your listing but if you do not have current pictures available be sure to include basic web images that are targeted to your clients. The more complete the profile is with the proper media the better your listing will appear for the consumers eyes.

Be consistent across the web – make sure you do not get sloppy or lazy and post your business information incorrectly across the web. This includes your phone number, address and website address. The more consistent your profiles and listings are, the more points you get in the search engines listing algorithm.

Relevancy earns you extra – it is great to submit to all the search engines, business listings and directories but not all directories are created equal. It’s very important to only list your niche within directories that are relevant to your business. Industry specific websites and region specific directories help boost you within your industry and local area competition.

Do not argue customer reviews – remember, the customer is always right. The worst thing you could do when getting a bad revue is argue with the customer on the web. Not only does this bump the bad review to the top it can make you seem like you just like to argue or are an unfriendly person, even when you are not. First impressions on the web are important and anything but the best impression can drive the customer to your competition. If you give someone a reason to search for another solution, it’s as simple as clicking on another link.

Web presence determines reach – even though you are the largest manufacturer of your product or you can service cities and states for miles, on the web you are only as important as your web presence. Greed will get you nowhere if you are not an authority on the web. Search engines cannot see how much you spent on advertising offline last month, they do not know how respected you are in the community or how much you donated to charity last year unless that information is on the internet. When your web presence grows, so do your profits.

Online marketing is a profitable road to travel down but in order to reach your destination quicker you need to market correctly. These 5 local SEO tips will help your search engine marketing on the web skyrocket not only in impressions but in actions. Even if you are seen all across the web that does not mean people are taking the time to follow through with your company. A clean, professional and consistent web presence speaks loudly to prospecting customers.

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