Top Digital Marketing Applications to Use This Year!



If you’re on the hunt for the right digital marketing tools, we’ve got your back! We know how crucial the right tools and resources act in a marketing campaign, however, with so many tools and apps in the market, picking the best ones is no less than a challenge. Being a digital marketer means employing the best tools to create the best customer experiences. To help you choose the right apps and you’re your campaign stand out from the competition, we’ve rounded up the must-have digital marketing apps you should download ASAP!

  1. Crello

If you’re a visual-centric digital marketer, you will enjoy using Crello. It’s the perfect pick for every graphic designer, artist, and architect out there. It helps you turn your vision into reality with the help of a few graphic design moves. You can create powerful images and videos from scratch and choose from over 20,000 templates. Add clipart, visual elements, images, or text to your chosen template and work your magic! With this app by your side, never worry about spending hours of your day creating basic animations.

And the best part about this app? You don’t need a graphic designing degree or certification to learn how to use it. It’s simple and easy to understand. All you have to do is download and use it for the most visually aesthetic social media content!

  1. Storyheap

We know how overwhelming it can become to manage multiple social media pages, track user traffic and consistently post and update social media profiles every day. But with Storyheap, you’ll find yourself a little helper to confide in! It’s one of the most helpful social media marketing tools that make content creation and scheduling seem like a piece of cake.

It’ll help you keep track of your content performance on Instagram and Snapchat, so whatever you post, from posts to stories, Storyheap will help you learn the engagement and traffic of every piece of content you share on your social media profiles

It analyses the performance of your content and shares an in-depth performance review by highlighting the views, engagement, likes, shares, comments, and other social media metrics, which help you understand how to boost lead conversions and increase engagement.

  1. Hootsuite Composer

You’ve definitely heard about Hootsuite at least once in your digital marketing career. It’s a popular social media management platform that helps over a million users around the world establish an online brand presence. Hootsuite has the power to turn your idea into the perfect social media strategy, ready to be executed! So if you’re new to the industry or have been here for a while, you’ll love the possibilities and exposure you will find across popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

The simple to use the platform can manage multiple social media pages and schedules simultaneously and save you a ton of time and money! You can also create customized posts or ‘compose’ content apart from the basic editing, adding, or deleting posts.

  1. Trello

Trello is a popular project management platform used by most digital marketers and collaborators to keep track of ongoing projects and upcoming deadlines for better team communication and productivity. It ensures the team coordinates effectively on ongoing tasks and completes day-to-day activities without a hassle. It features a neat and basic interface where you can create your own catalogs and add cards under them for the team to understand which tasks to complete first.

If you have multiple small projects in the pipeline or several activities on the list, Trello is the perfect app to sign yourself up on! Assign tasks and delegate activities, update the team, track progress, check projects’ deadlines and automate day-to-day tasks on a single board with the perfect project management tool, Trello!

Are you ready to transform your digital marketing experiences?

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