What are the Customer Service Challenges Faced by a Web Hosting Reseller?

What Is Reseller Web Hosting? A-Z Guide For Internet Marketers

The web hosting industry is replete with different kinds of websites being run and managed by site owners with varying skill-sets. Hence, as a Hosting Reseller, providing support and service to web hosting clients can be highly time-consuming. While the type of queries will depend on the technical proficiency of the site owner, as a Hosting Reseller, being prepared for different kinds of queries is essential to offer a memorable service experience to your clients.

Hosting Resellers are aware of the keen competition in the industry. While most providers (companies and resellers) endeavour to offer competitive plans at competitive prices, customer service is what sets them apart. While large hosting companies have a team of dedicated professionals to handle client queries, Hosting Resellers usually find themselves overwhelmed with the complexity and volume of queries raised by clients. 

Today, we will be talking about some common customer service challenges faced by web Hosting Resellers and how they can overcome them.

1. Should I offer in-house support or outsource it to a helpdesk?

Most Hosting Resellers find themselves at this crossroads early into their business. While in-house support gives more control over the support function and helps understand the client’s needs, it can be costly, especially if you have to run a 24×7 in-house support unit. On the other hand, outsourcing can be easier on the pockets but leave you with less control over the support-quality.

The best way to work around this challenge is to start your hosting business by …

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5 Questions to Ask Your VPS Hosting Provider

11 Essential Questions to Ask When Choosing Hosting Provider ...

Starting your online journey calls for thousands of questions, a series of doubts, and a line of to-dos. Right? Of all the important and the not so important issues related to running an online website, one that appears a little late is that of web hosting. Here you are stumbled by an array of arguments before picking the right one. 

To start with, the type of hosting service is a topic of grave concern. Where some would vote the relevancy of Shared Hosting services, others would be inclined towards the Virtual Private Server. Depending upon the type of business and the extent of secrecy, you wish to embed within your website, the choice would vary. For the ones that seek to own a private virtual server space without the intervention of any other website, VPS serves the purpose. 

Now, this might have been easy; however, the question as to which provider should you trust is a bit tough. There are plenty of VPS Server Hosting service providers and finding one would involve a series of things that you need to consider. In case you are wondering where to start, we have outlined the top five questions you need to ask the VPS hosting service provider before investing in their plan. 

Five Questions You Need to Ask Your VPS Server Hosting Provider

  1. Do you provide SSL? 

SSL stands for secure socket layer. It is the payer of encryption added within the URL of the website to maintain the privacy of …

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